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Members Choice WV Federal Credit Union Insurance Services...
At Members Choice, we not only offer you great products and personal service, but we also want you to feel safe in times of hardship.  That's why we offer the following Insurance Services. 
  • NCUA Share Deposit Insurance- Insures all shares for up to $100,000

  • Credit Life- Removes the financial burden and obligation from family members or survivors of having to pay off the covered loan if something happens to the borrower. Free Insurance (Covers up to $20,000) for all Consumer Loans.  (Offer not valid on Mortgage loans).

  • Credit Disability- Removes the financial burden and obligation from family members of having to pay off the covered loan if borrower becomes disabled and unable to work. Members have the option to purchase this for a small monthly fee.  Offer is valid on all consumer loans- not valid on Mortgage loans.  Call and request more information if you have any questions.

  • GAP- Guaranteed Auto Protection offers auto insurance protection of up to $1,000 against financial liability for individuals who finance a new or used vehicle for a small fee.  GAP protects against financial loss in the event that your vehicle is damaged beyond repair (totaled) or stolen and never recovered.  

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment- Members are entitled to the first $1,000 of coverage insurance free of charge.  AD&D covers injuries caused by an accident.  Additional insurance coverage can be added for a small monthly fee. 

  • Home Mortgage Protection- Available to Mortgage Loans Only.  Home Mortgage Protection will reduce or pay off your mortgage if you or your co-borrower should die. 

  • Member Life Savings

  • Members Auto Insurance- Auto Insurance that discounts for Credit Union Members and is offered through CUNA Mutual Group. 

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